Welcome to the Sandpit Lake

12 Acres with 3 Islands, Carp to 30lb+

Please Note!

Fishing is from 10.30am – 9am the following day

Sandpit Lake

Sandpit Lake is an 12 acre lake with various depths from 2ft-14ft with 3 Island. Stock at the moment is in the region of 780 fish upto 30lb+ all growing nicely all in very good condition and young,and fight very well ! The average size is now doubles. Below you will find all of the information of our lake including catch pictures of the fish in our lake.

Sandpit Prices

24hr ticket – £25.00

*For whole lake bookings on sandpit please phone lee 07788217752

Sandpit Rules

Whole lake bookings – Max 15 anglers
Nets MUST be dipped on arrival

● You MUST have valid rod licences
● Fishery bought particle ONLY, do not bring any other particle onsite
 Anglers must have fish care kit
● 3 Rods maximum
● Micro Barb Hooks only
● Rubbish to be taken home
● Bait Boats Allowed
● Boilies and Pellet Only
● NO Nuts
● No plastic/rubber baits
● Tubing MUST be used at all times
● No Braided Main line, No leaders
● No sacking of fish
● No Wading
● No zigs
● No Dogs

Useful Information

Useful information about the Sandpit Lake


Electric available in Jacqui’s & Joyce’s, Ellies & Charlies, Lee’s, Jo’s & Vera’s. £5 per swim per 24hrs

Free charging points are available outside the Carp Shop

Toilet facilities located next to the Carp Shop

Some swims are suitable for disabled anglers

Unhooking Mats & Slings provided

Please do not bring yours on site
Nets MUST be dipped on arrival

Useful Information

Useful information about the Sandpit Lake

Swim Bookings

Call LEE on 07788217752

For Swim bookings contact LEE for more information

Or message the Facebook Page

We stock a full range of ISOLATE Baits

RN20, LM94 & TX1
Popups, Dips, Glugs, Wafters

Westmoor Farm Lake Specials

1kg – £7.95
5kg – £37.50

Single Swims

£25 per 24hrs




Double Swims

£50 per 24hrs





Jacqui's & Joyce's

Charlie's & Ellie's


Contact Lee – 07788217752

Carp Care Kits

Use on all sores, cuts AND hook holds . please weigh properly and photograph all fish. All top quality Mats, Slings, Nets and Tripods are provided so leave yours at home, please.

Fish Health & Emergencies

Any issues with fish health or emergencies contact Lee – 07788217752


Anything that looks double figures, please photo and weigh properly. All captures to be reported to the shop before leaving.